” edition of refashion of snipe elite V2 ” divulge! Will land much platform

” snipe elite V2 ” refashion edition exposure, the message comes from classification at Australia orgnaization. Following graphs can see, ” edition of refashion of snipe elite V2 ” will finish on December 24 classification, development business remains Rebellion, land much platform. Issue business 505 Games to have not announce the news of refashion formally at present, but had finished considering game grade, believe ” edition of refashion of snipe elite V2 ” Guan Xuan can come very quickly. ” snipe elite V2 ” it is game of fire of tactics of a the 3rd person, set is during the Second World War, it is to had 2005 reputable reputable ” snipe elite ” add is made. The player needs to carry out a series of lurk to assassinate the task on battlefield of World War II, knockdown an another Nazi scientist, smash thoroughly thereby plan of V2 missile research and development. ” snipe elite V2 ” original in May 2012 put on sale, landed PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. After 6 years are being lain between when, the government chooses refashion this game, the player can experience on contemporary lead plane more careful picture is behaved. [……]

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” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” demonstrate big steed of a surname Zan 23 minutes to exceed

CA announced ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” 23 minutes of battle demonstrate, revealed big steed of Zan of a surname below classic pattern to exceed a picture. Below classic pattern, the fierce in game will have sweep anything away no longer 1000 army ability, will fight together with legionary soldier. ” full-scale war: The Three Kingdoms ” have two kinds of pattern, it is classic pattern respectively (Records Mode) with historical novel mode (Romance Mode) . Historical novel mode is series brand-new mode. Times of the Three Kingdoms is one is full of a hero, fokelore and the period of a lot of illusion elements, suffer ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” teleplay influence is more profound ” true the Three Kingdoms is incomparable ” the delegate that series game is a model, and a direction that this also is historical novel mode. And classic pattern is main according to Chen Shou ” annals of the Three Kingdoms ” book, the game below this mode more be based on reality, more adjacent at the tradition ” total war ” game. Historical novel mode and classic pattern among them a key is different the action that depends on fierce general. Below historical novel mode, the player may see Zhang Fei cries to be able to kill hostile high-ranking military officer on the bridge (Xia Houjie) picture. The fierce in historical novel mode will be the form with single entity joins a battle. Not only such, they are having their ability and technical ability, can help change war situation. In addition the player still can see fierce will be right definitely picture. And in classic pattern, basically want the player preparation with accurate history for those. More resembling is before ” total war ” game, fierce general will fight together with his army. Fierce general may invigorate morale, but cannot oneself attend a war, also cannot carry sheet the freeboard ability that shows his with the fierce of the other side. CA expresses, “According to current test, grow when the battle below classic pattern should compare historical novel mode to be able to grow at most 30% . Classic pattern issues more exquisite tactics, is not the big fight of completely. This body fights now the unit appears more easily fatigue, bring about harm to reduce. The result is to give a player to chose to bring pressure, you need to know when infuse energy, how to hold oneself dominant position. In this paragraph of video, “Ironhanded warlord ” a surname Zan must be developed accurately acme to defy Teng Zhizi horse exceeds the horse. Who will win victory? Who will win victory??[……]

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3DM morning paper

Resume of division of program of 1.R particle physics is alluded ” wild big armed escort 2 ” when PC edition was put in June 2018, r star of an employee get flower resume is alluded ” wild big armed escort 2 ” land PC. And again an employee is mentioned on resume now ” wild big armed escort 2 ” land PC. Nan Ma is the division of program of the one physics before the name of atelier of R star Toronto, get according to its flower resume, ” wild big armed escort 2 ” it is to be PS4, XB1 and PC platform development. 2. ” DOTA2 ” French Paris Dishini Major, LGD is fallen into disuse to regard whole village as the person’s hope, one when LGD and liquid become Chinese DOTA player to care most in the big fight between group of the person that be defeated this morning is opposite definitely. Regretful is, LGD in BO3 whole journey of the 3rd bureau is being pressed dozen, very big question appeared on BP, although in later period captured an opportunity to make economy, but hit on crucial Roshan group be defeated, then put an end to break up dish hope. So far Chinese battle group has washed out a bureau entirely, the LGD with best achievement took the 4th rearguard. 3. ” final illusion 7: Refashion edition ” with original picture comparative abroad player shared ” final illusion 7: Refashion edition ” contrast with the picture of original game 4. ” Apex hero ” coming patch repair basis of a few crucial questions community manager Jay Frechette, renascence recreation is being developed ” Apex hero ” new patch, will release quickly as far as possible come out. This patch will repair it is reported Bug is registered in reporting on completion of the task, gibraltar and the defence Bug that corrode two heroes, sound Bug and the problem that game of 1.08 edition of the PS4 after updating break down. May be 5.Rocksteady being developed ” is justice allied ” game? Be in ” batty a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct: A blocks Mu knight ” later, vermicelli made from bean starch people guessing what Rocksteady will develop to be made newly all the time. And the speculation with the closest basis, rocksteady is developing ” justice is allied ” game. The QA that Eddie Stubbington announced to join Rocksteady studio recently (character assures) branch. At first he announces the attach when this one message in Twitter the Gif trends of hero of caricature of a DC and villain in drama pursues, but this dynamic graph changed Qiaonaxier later the graph of excited shriek. Be in early before the game that hearsay Rocksteady is developing caricature of DC of a basis to adapt, and now Stubbington at the beginning the suggestion that postpone a plan and the modification later, let vermicelli made from bean starch guess Rocksteady may be being developed ” justice is allied ” game. [……]

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Of collect series swim newly into Kelemei greatly ” professional baseball fetch 2019 ” newest demonstrate to give off

Classical series is new below division Le Meiqi piece, PS4/PSV ” professional baseball fetch 2019 ” be about to on July 18 put on sale, the government was given off today on May 23 newest demonstrate, bring by players of 2 active service profession ” 2 dimension ” wonderful right definitely, below an appreciation. · ” professional baseball fetch ” it is division Le Meiqi plays classical baseball the master of game series, ” professional baseball fetch 2019 ” it is the series that 4 years of development lie between when Kelemei newest make, embarking baseball bound 2019 the newest club of sports season and star player data, carry the player AI system of the true record data that is based on every sports season, use 3D scanning technology add up to the each player heroic bearing of 12 team is reductive in game, expect please. · ” professional baseball fetch 2019 ” newest demonstrate appreciation:[……]

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Ren Tiantang brandishs again copyright sledge: American California sues the person that Switch defeats solution!

The Ren Tiantang that all along pays attention to protective intellectual property sued American California state recently a dweller of Ao Lanzhi county, claim its are disobeyed ” proposed law of digital chiliad copyright ” , revise its sport lead plane illegally and offer pilfer edition play. At present pilfer edition person people had found the method that bypasses Ren Tiantang’s hardware and software are protected, so OK not the game of accredit also can play in leader advanced position, let him express, this action violated the copyright of the company and trademark. Ren Tiantang says, among them a person that defeat solution is Mikel Euskaldunak, this person is offerring Ren Tiantang Switch to pay cost broken solution service all the time, allow an user to play the game without accredit, and installed the NES classical edition of game of 800 pilfer edition beforehand in the sale all the time answer quarter lead plane. Besides violating copyright directly, ren Tiantang still claims Euskaldunak and countless other and current not the accused of sign one’s name, also encroach half an year in prevail on user before, have due responsibility to violating copyright jointly. Lawyer Kenneth Parker writes in sueing writ: “The accused provides tort tool to the user that defeat solution, and the specification that if why be caught possibly least of all,bag or the means that arouse suspicion use the game that defeat solution ” . Ren Tiantang still claims, the accused is encroached and desalt its brand. Court of this company demand gives orders to prohibit the accused continues to make, sell or sell the technology that bypasses its protect a mechanism with other way cent. [……]

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” final illusion 15 ” try play Demo: FF ironclad proof of this series exanimate

I am all the time ” final illusion ” the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch of series. From the first begins to play. And what let me fall in love with this series truly is ” final illusion 7 ” . A lot of people say, take only ” final illusion 7 ” the talent that enters pit can think 7 it is the most classical, actually otherwise, 7 a be best show really. Nevertheless today our theme is not this.

What I should say is, I had played each ” final illusion ” (go up besides palm machine derive) , I was finished even ” final illusion 13 ” ” final illusion 13-2 ” overall mission. Among them ” thunderbolt is returned to ” it is I think a the most disappointing ” final illusion ” , I do not have patience even. I hope Ainikesi can be in Shikeweier later right way is found in issueing a lineal add to make, but what we see is unexpectedly had developed 10 years ” final illusion Versus 13 ” .

Even if is such, I still cherish excited mood to try the Platinum Demo that played to be announced last week, this is manufacturer proof ” final illusion ” the new opportunity of character, but regretful is, this Demo let me deepen the suspicion to this series only, classical be gone forever. And most those who make me helpless is, always a flock of players say, I do not like present ” final illusion ” , because it is a bout no longer,just make, because it turned real time into fistfight. don’t I like its reason to cannot play in order to because is it bad,be?

Although ” final illusion ” the last few years is in all the time downhill, but it seems that its brand appeal force still very powerful. So now should somebody stands to remind everybody a fact: This Demo is connected in the quadrature in compasses does not calculate on, far from passing. The mechanism of game is very dull, and still put in apparent frame to count a problem, consider Demo is medium and do not have the setting with giant and complex what, we should feel special panic to this, how many can final edition game have to change? Anyhow this Demo is very bad, without any euphemisms.

Bouncing movement of the character appears buoyant, and physical collision detects have a problem for certain, character of distance of camera lens perspective is too close, make a player very difficult understand clearly all round circumstance. Still have a the most unusual problem additionally, input defer! Dare be you believed, this time still has input delay! Reality is brutal, ” final illusion 15 ” more resembling is game of movement of a the 3rd person, is not a part act, and its operation appears very backward at the times. If ” regnal heart 3 ” by make it such, believe a lot of players are met more amazed astonishment.

In fact, everybody can imagine, if change same content into the caption of another series game, with respect to the poor rate that can experience it. Imagine ” dark soul ” the operation becomes such, what can see contrast immediately is intense. From the point of the angle of behavioral game, its[……]

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Assume heaven inference your work! ” changeover adjudicates 6 ” ad of newest Japan TV

  Today, capcom makes newly for the series below the banner ” changeover judgment 6(Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6) ” released a paragraph of interesting new TV advertisement, main focusing at head lieutenant general of hair spy allusion can include Bu Tanglong the special dress of one.

 ” changeover judgment 6 ” this second will use Cheng Butang and Wang Ni to be fond of double hero, it is be murdered incident happens likewise on flow, find the junior travel detective of client and judicial part, final incident truth derivative. Try new mediumistic vision system demonstrated in playing, look an operation to resemble a little ” big changeover judgment ” part of action of act as an assessor, need seeks contradictory site with the vision, and the figure that because the court punishs icon,also became the spirit in Clay.


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Player sincerity begs cruel ” dark fetch desk swims ” distinctive difficulty playing a way is very great

In the time that is less than two hours, one is based on ” dark soul ” desk swim to be in Kickstarter is numerous chip raised money to exceed 200 thousand dollar on the website, want to know, the target with this group of prime fabricant is result of 70 thousand dollar merely this one word is in 3 minutes in finished.

” dark fetch desk swims ” it is by Steamforged Games the group that make is made, this the group that make also once had been made ” Guild Ball ” the desk that waits for a series of win universal praise swims work. ” dark fetch desk swims ” got the government is permitted, this making by described as the battle of person of a 1 4 explores game, the group that make writes: The player can choose ” dark soul ” medium classical part type, undertake single person game and much person cooperate. Every type is having his unique game kind, skill and advantage.

” dark fetch desk swims ” special accord with experience of deepness of group of core vermicelli made from bean starch, meanwhile, rookie player also can easily begin, this desk swam to include the character of campfire even, the player can upgrade here, rest and reorganization, once the player sets out from camping ground,do not pass, an eccentric person of whole world is met refresh, tired difficulty soars.

Besides, the arms person that a desk swims can be done so meticulously also is to did not allow, the player is opposite even desk swim the game of the type does not catch a cold, but after seeing these arms people, want itch to try one time really.

” dark fetch desk swims ” will at official in April 2017 put on sale, so everybody still needs to await period of time, look nevertheless ” dark fetch desk swims ” it is sincerity really full, believe to be able to attract the eyeball of many players.


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Recrudesce of flames of war ” what the letter grows is wild hope to create: Aspire of the Warring States is passed ” DLC is released

The PS4/PS3/PS Vita/PC of KOEI TECMO GAME uses game ” what the letter grows is wild hope to create: Aspire of the Warring States is passed ” rolled out formally on April 27, 2016 the first play large newer patch.

At the same time magazine of caricature of the Warring States ” ク of コ ミ ッ is random ” ” fierce of the Warring States biographies ” cooperative layout DLC also undertook updating together, caricature ” ~ of of village of true Tian Xing of ~ of ン of リ of バ イ ラ ” , ” manage of the の that believe Zuo looks at ~ ん ” with ” after cane again に of Tian Guanbing Xiao of Zuo of arms Xiao ~ most male ~ of た of れ of も さ ” medium person enrages a part.


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