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Burning hot summer is the season of schoolgirl beautiful figure not only, also be the inning of schoolboy beautiful figure, then not little person chose fitness, but summertime fitness error is very much, follow below small make up look together.

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As standard of living rise, more and more friends begin to pay close attention to all sorts of body building. But also be to a lot of need notice after body buildingShanghai joins friendly company to touching with the cityForum of Shanghai night net

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Of item. Follow below small make up view 4 action with summertime the most foolish fitness together, hope to love fitness you do not make such mistake.

One, bath of the cold water after fitness

Summertime weather is torrid, the body after training perspires volume increase, systemic pore is opened, blood capillary expands blood circulatesShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Accelerate, formed the circulatory system with a body and good environment, be helpful for those who train body of the back of a person restoring.

If after fitness instantly cold water bath, can make body pore closes instantly, blood capillary is contractive, block breaks the body and outside loop, although short time body1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Body feels relaxed, however block breaks what body heats up to send out go against sarcous to restore, can make the body falls ill for a long time!

Accurate method: Bath water is washed after fitness lukewarm be close to temperature, wen Wei 35-37 spends optimal water, or cold water bath is washed after a hour.

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