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After falling ill when us, affirmation needs to take drug, a lot of people like to drink a few Chinese traditional medicine, really, the disposition that compares Chinese traditional medicine with Western medicine photograph is gentler, side effect is very small. And gram soup also is the food that sees more quite in a kind of life, and having pretty good disappear heat effect, it is OK to be returned at the same time clear heat is alexipharmic, give body complement a few essential nutrition elements. So, can be gram boiling water still drunk during drinking Chinese traditional medicine?

Can be gram boiling water drunk during taking Chinese traditional medicine?

Say strictly, what gram solves is the noxiousness in medicaments and food, is not antidote. Folk is commonly used also the person that gram boils medicaments of Shang Lai rescue or bromatoxism. So, can mung bean eat after all when taking Chinese traditional medicine?

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Cool flavour pleasant, detoxify of heat having Qing Dynasty, stop the effect of skin of embellish of thirsty disappear heat, diuresis. Solution inscriptions, arsenic, wood all poison. Counterpoise metal, agriculture chemical is toxic andShanghai noble baby

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The property of a medicine that takes Chinese traditional medicine with place concerns: Taking the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, Huang Qin, Huang Bai, Daqingxie, board when the Qing Dynasty such as La Gen, bezoar, honeysuckle, gesso heats up kind of Chinese traditional medicine, take together with gram, can have the effect that supplement each other. Taking isotherm of ginseng, the root of remembranous milk vetch, cinnamonic, monkshood, clove, galangal to fill kind of medicaments and cassia twig, dry ginger, the root of Chinese wild ginger is isothermal via coming loose cold kind when Chinese traditional medicine, without doctor permission, do not want do sth without authorization to take gram, lest reduce medical effect, the influence treats the effect.

The sort that contracts a disease with place concerns: If suffer from heatstroke, guttural ache, cough and cough spit yellow make water of infection of suffering of phlegmy, parotitis, mouth doing, mouth, skin, secrete fastens infection, constipation to wait for hot disease fact when disease, taking Chinese traditional medicine while take gram boiling water (congee) or gram cake, can have the effect that supplement each other, achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort.

The alexipharmic effect that gram place has, the gram albumen in fastening gram, tan pledges and yellow ketone apperception closes matter but union of compound of pesticide, as mercuric as organic phosphor, arsenic, lead is formed sedimentary, those who make decrease or lose noxiousness, be not easily absorb by gastric bowel. Accordingly, agriculture chemical is toxic gram boiling water can be taken while the patient is taking Chinese traditional medicine or use take medicine with water of unripe gram levigation, in order to add curative effect.

Gram itself belongs to cold sex food, if be the body compares the person with cold body, it is not to suit to eat mung bean so this kind of food1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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. If suffer from chronic gastroenteritis at the same time, also should not eat mung bean so. To the female, menstruation and the symptom that have dysmenorrhoea, also should not drink gram boiling water so. Anyhow, for healthy consideration, during drinking Chinese traditional medicine best1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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It is good to still do not drink gram soup to be. A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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