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Between our life, a lot of people have drink such habit. Hear some people can drink a jin of some can drink two jins. A lot of people like to be in capacity for liquor undertakes contrast or having personal experience on such problem. Fall to drink bender right amountly to cause first-rate help to our body in a lot of circumstances. The drink bender of excessive creates the burden of our body. It we come to simple understanding drink how many beer about Yu Yitian below is good that we come to simple understanding drink how many beer about Yu Yitian below such problem.

It one day drinks how many beer is good that one day drinks how many beer

? ? 1. Drink beer for a long time to be able to cause serious alcohol to depend on, can bring disease of cirrhosis of gastric ulcer, liver, heart and vessels, alcoholism, epileptic fit to wait for disease of one pile physiology to the patient not only, still can bring the mental barrier that cannot accuse oneself: The mood is depressed, angst, easy exasperate, sleep-disorder, still can appear badly psychedelic, covet, consciousness is unbalanced reach character change.

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? ? 2. Cooperation of international of World Health Organization considers to point out: Happen to prevent what wine depends on, the male drinks everyday must not exceed 2 bottles of beer or 1 two liquor, the female does not exceed 1 bottle of beer everyday; In addition, no matter what sexual distinction is weekly at least due wine of 3 days of drop is not touched.

? ? 3. A lot of people like summer drink iced beer to drop in temperature, iced beer can help people disappear heat, satisfy one’s thirst do not have1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Have too much and scientific basis, the drinkable temperature of beer had better be controlled in 8 Celsius, lowest also cannot under 0 1.5 Celsius, namely the freezing point of beer. The beer temperature in freezer compartment is far under beer freezing point, affected the color of beer and taste not only, and also make its nutrition suffersSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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To the loss.

? ? 4. The most important is control drinks. 90% , the alcohol of 95% metabolizes through liver, it is every kilogram weight metabolizes hourly commonly 60, 2Fall in love with the seaShanghai noble baby

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Milligram alcohol, need 3, all alcohol just can keep clear of inside 10 hours rear body. Often drink, hepatic burden is too heavy, although daily drink not to exceed set limit to, also can endanger the body especially hepatic health, because this drinks to want little drink not only, even rare drink. Drinking quantity (more or less to reach frequency) the danger that decides liver is damaged and degree. The female is damaged more easily than the male. The female that drinks several years, drinking quantity amounts to 19 Ke Chun alcohol to measure everyday, can cause liver to damage; The male that drinks several years, drinking quantity amounts to 56 Ke Chun alcohol to measure everyday (can cause liver to damage. Nevertheless, the drink capacity for liquor that causes liver to damage considers individual difference even.

? ? It above drinks how many beer with respect to a day is good that above drinks how many beer with respect to a day such problem undertook be elaboratinged simply. Healthy body is to need us to have a good life and dietary habit. Not be such time can assure healthy. At ordinary times we must maintain those who eat the microelement that a few fruits and vegetable will come to hold our body and vitamin much to absorb. Undertake taking exercise right amountly.

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